Professional Liability

About this Product

Missing the deadline on the contracted delivery date of a critical piece of new technology. A disastrous error in the coding of a new software platform that exposes data to millions. The inadvertent transmission of a computer virus.

While you do everything you can to prevent problems from happening, sometimes, mistakes can occur. Having professional liability insurance for a tech company is like a doctor carrying malpractice insurance. It’s there for those days when things don’t go as planned.

Error or Omissions Liability for Technology Businesses

Level One

Designed specifically to protect firms for the unintentional failure of their product(s) or service(s). Options to add coverage for Delay and Security Breach exposures.

Level Two

Broad form approach for sophisticated firms. A modular approach allowing tailored coverage specific to the unique needs of each organization. Modular coverage options include Cyber Liability, Privacy Liability and/or Communications Liability under one policy.

Level Three

Our broadest approach incorporating Errors or Omissions, Privacy Liability and Communications liability under a single coverage form.


Communications Liability for Technology Businesses

An extension of coverage provides protection for copyright & trademark infringement that is offered in conjunction with our Level One and Level Two E&O coverage options.


Applications for Insurance:

Professional Liability